Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama's first successful term analyzed

According to WSJ, they are the numbers of Obama's first four years as economic president.

Apart from the clear turn he wanted to make, and successfully made in cutting down government employers and opening jobs in the private industry, he managed a whole lot of side successes by not lowering average wage in this transition phase of the economy and lowering the oil prices. He succeded in making the last with both orthodox and ambiguous methods. This change owes its existence partly in the death of Osama bin Laden, partly in the invasions in some oil-producing countries, some of which were not achieved (remember the Kony 2012 campaign) and some of it in moves by his government that actually saved money for his people.

All in all, EconMan believes that he surely deserves another run and this blog fully backs him to bring further success for America and everyone whose interest collaborate with its.

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  1. I do support the President, but this doesn't mean that his term was particularly successful. While this may not be his fault for the most part, his achievements were not much more than average expectations from a POTUS. However, in the light of the greater problems of the EU and the rather incompetent leaders of many -if not most- western countries as well as the GOP, they appear to be much more than just mediocre deeds. The hope and positive attitude he brought to US and international politics amid the most tumultuous crisis in living memory should also be factored in in this regard