Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why not working now will work out for my generation's benefit

Today we're gonna review youth unemployment, especially the one referring to the univeristy graduates. Many univerisities have established a mandatory practice as part of student's academic degree. Under this scheme, during an eight-semester spand of studies, they usually dedicate their last-eighth semester working for a company or public sector or doing some reasearch, depending on the students' grades and wish, so that the transition phase of the student between university life and real life become smoother and easier. This help the student as they get experience and enhance his CV and also helps the company/public or the hosting institution as it gets a freshman full of knowledge and excitement for almost nothing, or at least less than what are they obligated to pay by law for any other worker. Taking this into details, the student is much more benefitted than the host institution that he will do his practice, because just by studying and getting good grades in any way he can get them, he benefits from the affiliations of his university by going into an institution that would not be able to go underother circumnstances. And as if this benefit was not enough, he gets paid for itby state money, primarily given by the european union. At the end of the line, we see that the european tax payers are paying for the first job that the student will begin and the whole europe obligatorily fonds the start of the career of the student, probably without even knowing.

As crisis showed its worst face from 2009 onwards and until those lines are being written, european union cut the benefits to Greece as any rational loan-giver  would do. And did well. One of the first guidelines that should be given were to stop those amount allocated for this particular reason. But it was not, not until
now. This was the first semester that there were no state money available for students to do their practice. And even though I was one of the students that "suffered" from this cut, I am fully behind this logic as I think it will benefit my long-term future rather than damage me, and I will explain why.

As I was searching to do my practice in the last semester, I got informed about the ways I can do it and the preferred choices of other students doing it before me. I could either find one compyn by myself, show them them my CV and if I was good enough they could "hire" me for 6 months and do my payment as non-taxed
gift to my uni, where it would give the money to me, or wait until state money come and then choose from the affiliated institutions list and go work there.

Money never came, so I never got to use them. I failed to find a solution myself using the other way, but this is a personal failure that I tottaly blame myself and we won't discuss in this post.

What matter is that I got excluded from money and experience I could take but I  thank God for that, as this exclusion ofter the first anger brought me to realise that this is how life is gonna be and that I should fight for everything in my life and nothing is going to come easy. This exclusion helped me to realise that I have to improve my CV myself taking personal initiatives and not wait from either the state or European Union to do me any favours that I don't merit at all. By depriving me from some old "benefits", my country actually entitles me to deprive it from some of the "benefits" that I could possibly give them, or the students before me was taking the benefits would give them back.

For example, giving me this kind of job, the practice one, would give it an argument against me in a future conversation about how good it's doing its job. So, if goverment would harass some money and I would see it, I would b esupposed to downvote it in the next elections. But if it has given me a job, a practise
one or a real one in my later future, I wouldn't say a word, as I would have kind of co-harassed the money by taking a job I don't actually deserve.

Concluding, the whole point of this post is that by cutting the money for jobs, either practise for students or real jobs for grown adults, government cuts the customer relations in has with the people, so in extension in cannot shut people up with money, so it cannot destract them from watching all its faults, so government is obligated to be much more precise and efficient in its choices.

And by becoming more efficient and better would lead us getting out of crisis and jobs will open again and prosperity will come. The current greek government has understood this and it didn't give me work now, in fact put me to think and search more, and if things go according to plan, I will have a better work in the
future than what would I have if I were working right now.

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